Mr. Srikanth Reddy
We firmly believe that education should be for life, not just for living. It should serve to not only develop one’s intelligence and skills but also help broaden one’s outlook and make a person useful to society and the world at large. They also learn about cultures, customs, and religions along with the latest entrepreneurial trends in the world in order to appreciate the universal oneness and human values. Our students go beyond books. Here we make leaders.







Ms. Roopa Reddy
Choosing a school to suit your ward is an onerous task. At AHPS, we ensure that the purpose of schooling is more than simply teaching from the curriculum. We all learn best when we are happy and valued. Hence, we make sure that no one goes unnoticed in our active and vibrant community. Our staff and students work together to achieve holistic development. The end result is that students, parents, and teachers get a pre-planned, well-published roadmap, and specific schedules on their calendar. This aligns the system and removes last minute changes, and in turn gives healthy atmosphere to our students.